Downright Dead is live! New Release!

It’s been a long wait for those of you who have read Better Dead, but book two in my B&B Spirits Mystery series is here! I hope you love Downright Dead!

I just adore the cover. Kensington Books really captured the ‘spirit’ of Downright Dead. The book can stand alone, but if you haven’t read Better Dead, you should. Just kidding…Wink, wink. Actually, it’s on sale right now, so it’s a bargain that makes taking a chance on a new series easier.

Downright Dead Holly Davis never imagined having a haunted bed and breakfast would be the secret to her success—or that a secret might leave her B&B DOA . . . After the syndicated TV show, Inquiring Minds, airs footage of their resident ghost at Holly Grove, a converted antebellum plantation house, it seems like half the state of Louisiana wants to book a room. There’s only one small problem: the ghost of her not-so-dearly-departed ex Burl has . . . departed. For the sake of business, Holly’s willing to keep up the pretense of still being haunted. But after an outspoken debunker challenges the show’s credibility, the TV crew returns to Holly Grove to prove the ghost is real. Following a disastrous séance, Holly is sure she’ll be exposed as a charlatan. Surprisingly, the debunker suddenly becomes a believer—after he’s pushed off the Widow’s Walk to his death and rises as a ghost. Now his inquiring mind wants to know—who murdered him? When he asks for Holly’s help, she can’t say no. But this time it’s her turn to watch her step, because if the killer gets spooked, the next ghost haunting the B&B may well be its owner . . .

Holly Davis never imagined having a haunted bed and breakfast would be the secret to her success—or that a secret might leave her B&B DOA . . . (click here to read more)

To all of you sassy readers who took a chance on a new author and read Better Dead

Bless you and thank you! Better Dead made it to number #1 in cozy ghost mysteries and #1 in cozy dog mysteries and the top 100 in Amazon ebooks in mid September 2018.

A story never really lives until it’s read. You have no idea how much I appreciate you telling your friends about Better Dead, posting on social media, all the stars and reviews (average 4.6 star rating), and just taking the time out of your busy day to read Better Dead. I hope the story made you smile and brightened your day as much as you brightened mine by reading one of my stories.

I love to hearing from y’all. You can find me at all the usual haunts on social media. (links below). Once in a while, I send out a newsletter with recipes and tales of Southern life. If you’d like to join my mailing list, there’s a link for that below too.

Stay sassy!



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