Is There An App For That?

What’s app, y’all? I’m going down the app hole today and it’s not pretty. I’ll start with a confession. I am a digital hoarder. My poor little iPhone is lugging around nearly 12GB of data and totes seventy-two apps. Is there an app for that? A twelve-step program? Probably not. This problem boomed with every … Continue reading

My Golden Heart® Call Story 2016

To tell the truth, I’d forgotten all about the date Romance Writers of America® notifies contestants if they are Golden Heart® finalists. You may have noticed on the news floods had tried to wash Louisiana away over the past few weeks.   I’d been helping my mother prepare to fight a rising river, my stepdad had … Continue reading

Southern Fried Diva’s Virgin Post

In a moment of weakness, this blog virgin agreed to join with a group of Golden Heart® finalists and, gulp, blog. Pretend you’re at the Ed Sullivan Theater and Dave Letterman is giving his top ten. Hmm. Make that three. Drum roll please. Search #3 WILL IT KILL ME? At the butt crack of dawn, … Continue reading

This diva can never count on men…

…Especially the tall and handsome variety. Looks like Pamela is going to have to finish this site on her own. What should she do first? Blog? What shall she blog about? She’ll get back to you on that… Meanwhile, she’s getting ready to go to Romance Writers of America’s national conference in Atlanta and hopes … Continue reading